DVD List

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Adult Fiction DVDs
Adult Documentaries

Children's DVDs

DVD C 3TA  The 3 Tails

DVD C ADV The Adventure Club

DVD C ADV The Adventures of Huck Finn

DVD C ADV  The Adventures of Sharkboy and Lavagirl in 3-D

DVD C ADV The Adventures of Tom Sawyer

DVD C ALB Albert: A Small Tree with a Big Heart

DVD C ALE Alex & Me

 DVD C ALI Alice in Wonderland

DVD C ALI Aliens ate my Homework

DVD C AMA Amazing Science (Easy Experiments that make Science Exciting!) 

DVD C AMA The Amazing Wizard of Paws

DVD C AME American Girl Holiday: Samantha

DVD C AME American Girl: Lea to the Rescue

DVD C AME The American Girl:  Saige Paints the Sky

DVD C ANN Annabelle Hooper and the Ghosts of Nantucket

DVD C ANT Antboy

DVD C ARC Arctic Tale

DVD C ARI The Aristocats

DVD C ART Arthur Christmas

DVD C ART Arthur: D.W. and the Beastly Birthday

DVD C ART Arthur's Fountain Abbey

DVD C ART Arthur's Great Summer

DVD C AVA Ava & Lala

DVD C BAB Baby Geniuses and the Treasures of Egypt

DVD C BAC Back to Jurassic


DVD C BAR Barbie: Mariposa and her Butterfly Fairy Friends

DVD C BAR Barbie Dolphin Magic

DVD C BAR Barbie and her sisters in a Puppy Chase

DVD C BAR Barbie: As Rapunzel

DVD C BAR Barbie in Rock 'N Royals

DVD C BEA Beauty and the Beast (Emma Watson, Dan Stevens)

DVD C BEE Beethoven (The Complete Collection/8 Movies)

DVD C  BEL Bella Sara: Emma's Wings


DVD C BFC BFC (Big Friendly Giant)

DVD C BIG Big Hero 6

DVD C BOS The Boss Baby

DVD C BOX The Boxcar Children: Surprise Island


DVD C BRE The Breadwinner

DVD C Breaking Legs

DVD C BUG A Bugs Life

DVD C CAM Camp Cool Kids

DVD C CAP Captain Underpants-The First Epic Movie


DVD C CHA Charlotte's Web

DVD C CHR Christmas Fairy Tales by the Fire

DVD C CHR A Christmas Story

D C COR Coraline

DVD C CRE Creature Encounters

DVD C CRO The Croods

DVD C DAP Daphne & Velma

DVD C DES Descendants

DVD C DES Descendants 2

DVD C DES Despicable Me 2

DVD C DES Despicable Me 3

DVD C DIA Diary of a Wimpy Kid: Dog Days

DVD C DIA Diary of a Wimpy Kid: The Long Haul

DVD C DOC Doc McStuffins: Mobile Clinic

DVD C DOG The Dogfather

DVD C DON Donald in Mathmagic Land

DVD C DOR Dora's Christmas Carol

DVD C DOR Dora's Ice Skating Spectacular!

DVD C DOR Dora the Explorer: Dora's Easter Adventure

DVD C DOR Dora's Enchanted Forest Adventures

DVD C DOR Dora's Halloween Parade

DVD C DRA Dragon Pearl

DVD C DRD Dr. Doolittle 1 and Dr. Doolittle 2

DVD C DUM Dumbo: Big Top Edition

DVD C EAR Early Man

DVD C EMM Emma's Chance

DVD C EMO The Emoji Movie


DVD C ERN Ernest Saves Christmas

DVD C ESC Escape from Planet Earth

DVD C EVE Everyone's Hero

DVD C FAN Fantasia

DVD C FER Ferdinand

DVD C FUN Funny Bones

DVD C FIN Finding Nemo

DVD C FLU Flubber

DVD C GAM Game Plan

DVD C GAR Garfield's Halloween Adventure

DVD C GAR Garfield Pizza Dreams Show

DVD C GEO George of the Jungle

 DVD C GHO Ghost Hunters: on Icy Trails

DVD C GHO Ghost Squad

DVD C GOL Goldie and Bear

DVD C GOO Goodbye Christoper Robin

DVD C GOO The Good Dinosaur

DVD C GOO The Goonies

DVD C GOO Goosebumps (Jack Black)

DVD C GRU Gruffalo

DVD C GRU Gruffalo's Child

DVD C GUE Guess How Much I Love You

DVD C HAL Halloween Town 1 & 2

DVD C HAR Harry Potter and the Chamber of Secrets

DVD C HAR Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows Part 1

DVD C HAR Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows Part 2

DVD C HAR Harry Potter and the Goblet of Fire

DVD C HAR Harry Potter and the Half-Blood Prince

DVD C HAR Harry Potter and the Order of the Phoenix

DVD C HAR Harry Potter and the Prisoner of Azkaban

DVD C HAR Harry Potter and the Sorcerer's Stone

DVD C HAU Haunted Mansion

DVD C HEA Heavyweights

DVD C HEL Help I've Shrunk the Family

DVD C HEN Henry & Me

DVD C HOB The Hobbit

DVD C HOC Hocus Pocus


DVD C Home

DVD C HOM Home Alone


DVD C HOR The Horse Dancer

DVD C HOT Hotel Transylvania

DVD C HOT Hotel Transylvania 2

DVD C HOT Hotel Transylvania 3

DVD C HOW Howard Lovecraft and the Undersea Kingdom

DVD C HOW How it's Made: The Fun Stuff

 DVD C ICE Ice Age: Collision Course

DVD C ICE Ice Age: Dawn of the Dinosaurs

DVD C ICE Ice Age: The Great Egg - Scapade

DVD C INC The Incredibles

DVD C INS Inside Out

DVD C INS Inspector Gadget

DVD C JUM Jumanji  (Robin Williams)

DVD C JUM Jumanji  (Dwayne Johnson)

DVD C JUN The Jungle Book

DVD C JUN Jungle Book: Mowgli and Baloo

DVD C KAR The Karate Kid

DVD C KAT Kate & Mim-Mim a Christmas Wish

VD C KIK Kiki's Delivery Service

DVD C KUB Kubo and the two Strings

DVD C KUN Kung Fu Panda 3

DVD C KUN Kung Fu Panda:  Legends of Awesomeness


DVD C LEG Lego: Scooby-Doo! Haunted Hollywood

DVD C LEG Lego: Star Wars: The Yoda Chronicles

DVD C LEG Lego: Star Wars: Droid Tales

DVD C LEG Lego: Super-Villain High

DVD C LEM Lemony Snicket's A Series of Unfortunate Events

DVD C LET Let's go Pocoyo Playtime

DVD C  LET Let's Learn Kindness

DVD C LIB Liberty's Kids (The Complete Series)

DVD C LIO Lion King

DVD C LIL Lilo & Stitch

DVD C LIT Little House on the Prairie: A Merry Ingalls Christmas

DVD C LIT The Little Mermaid 2: Return to the Sea

DVD C LIT Littlest Pet Shop: Sweetest Pets

DVD C LIT Little Savages

DVD C LIT The Little Vampire

DVD C LIT Little Wolf's Book of Badness

DVD C LOO Looney Tunes:  Back in Action the Movie

DVD C LOS Lost and Found

DVD C LUC Lucky Dog

DVD C LUI Luis and the Aliens

DVD C MAD Madagascar 3:  Europe's Most Wanted

DVD C MAG The Magic School Bus: Holiday Special

DVD C MAR Mars Needs Moms

DVD C MAR Mary Poppins

DVD C MAX Easter with Max & Ruby

DVD C MAX  Max and Ruby visit with Grandma

DVD C MEJ  Me...Jane

DVD C MIL Millionaire Dog

DVD C MIL Millions

DVD C MID Middle School: The Worst Yearts of my Life

DVD C MIN Minions

DVD C MIN Minutemen

DVD C MIT The Mitten


DVD C MOL Molly Moon and the Incredible Book of Hypnotism

DVD C MON Monster High: Ghouls Rule

DVD C MON Monster High: Scaris City of Frights

DVD C MON Monster House

DVD C MON Monster Trucks

 DVD C MOO Moo Moo and the Tree Sisters

DVD C MRM Mr. Magoo's Christmas Carol

DVD C MRP Mr. Peabody and Sherman

DVD C MRP The Best of Mr. Peabody and Sherman

DVD C MRS Mrs. Doubtfire

DVD C MUN The Munsters' Scary Little Christmas

DVD C MUP  The Muppet Christmas Carol

DVD C MUP The Muppet Show: Season One

DVD C MUP Muppets Most Wanted

DVD C MUP Muppet Treasure Island

DVD C MUP Muppets' Wizard of Oz

DVD C MYL My Life as a Zucchini

DVD C NAN Nancy Drew

DVD C NES Nessie & Me

DVD C NIC Nick Picks 4

DVD C NIM Nim's Island

DVD C NIN Nine Lives

DVD C NOR Norm of the North

DVD C ODD The Odd Life of Timothy Green

DVD C ONC Once I was a Beehive

DVD C OPE Open Season 2

DVD C OPE Operation: Neighborhood Watch!

DVD C OUR Our Gang

DVD C OUT Out of the Vault Halloween

DVD C  PAD Paddington

DVD C PAD Paddington 2

DVD C PAR Paranorman

DVD C PEA Peanuts:  4 Kid Favorites Happiness is Peanuts

DVD C PEA Peanuts Classic: Be My Valentine, Charlie Brown

DVD C PEA Peanuts: Charlie Brown and Friends 

DVD C PEA Peanuts: A Charlie Brown Thanksgiving

DVD C PEA Peanuts: Go Team Go

DVD C PEA Peanuts Classic: It's the Great Pumpkin, Charlie Brown

DVD C PEA The Peanuts Movie

DVD C PEA Peanuts Classic: This is America Charlie Brown

DVD C PEN Penguins of Madagascar

DVD C PEP Peppa's Christmas

DVD C PEP Peppa Pig: Stars

DVD C PER The Perfect Game

DVD C PET Peter Rabbit

DVD C PET Pete's Dragon (older version)

DVD C PET Pete's Dragon (newer version)

DVD C PIC Pic of the Litter

DVD C PIN Pinkamagine it!

DVD C PIN Pinocchio

DVD C PIX Pixies

DVD C PLA Planes

DVD C PLA Play Date with Miffy!

DVD C POK Pokemon the Movie: I Choose You

DVD C POL Polar Express

DVD C PRI Primates of the Caribbean

DVD C PRI The Princess and the Frog

DVD C PRI The Princess Bride

DVD C RET Return to Nim's Island


DVD C RIS Rise of the Guardians

DVD C ROB Robin Hood

DVD C ROC Rock Dog

DVD C RUG Rugrats Halloween

DVD C SAN The Sandlot 

DVD C SAN The Sandlot 2

DVD C SCH School House Rock

DVD C SCO Scooby-Doo's Creepiest Capers

DVD C SCO Sooby-Doo! Franken Creepy

DVD C SCO Scooby-Doo! and the Gourmet Ghost

DVD C SCO Scooby-Doo! Holiday Collection

VD C SCO Scooby-Doo Legend of the Phantosaur

DVD C SCO Scooby-Doo: Mask of the Blue Falcon

DVD C SCO Scooby"Doo! Shaggy's Showdown

DVD C SCO Scooby-Doo and the Snow Creatures

DVD C SEA Sea Monsters

DVD C SEC The Secret World of Arrietty

DVD C SES The Adventures of Elmo in Grouchland

DVD C SES Sesame Street: Christmas Eve on Sesame Street

DVD C SES Sesame Street: Monster Manners

DVD C SEU Dr. Seuss' Cat in the Hat

DVD C SEU The Cat in the Hat Knows a lot About Halloween

DVD C SEU Once Upon a Sesame Street Christmas

DVD C SEU The Wubulous World of Dr. Seuss

DVD C SHA Shaun the Sheep: Little Sheep of Horrors

DVD C SHE Sherlock Gnomes

DVD C SHI Shirley Temple: Baby Take a Bow

DVD C SHI Shirley Temple: Curly Top

DVD C SHI Shirley Temple: Dimples

DVD C SHI Shirley Temple: The Early Years

DVD C SHI Shirley Temple: Heidi

DVD C SHI Shirley Temple: Wee Willie Winkie

DVD C SHO Show Dogs

DVD C SHR Scared Shrekless


DVD C SHR Shrek 2

DVD C SHR Shrek the Musical

DVD C SIM A Simple Wish

DVD C SIN Sinbad


DVD C SMA Smart Cookies

DVD C SMA Smart House

DVD C SMU Smurf: The Lost Village

DVD C SNO Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs

DVD C SOF Sophia the First: The Secret Library

DVD C Son of Big Foot

DVD C SON  Song of the Sea

DVD C SPA Spark: A Space Tail

DVD C SPO Spongebob Squarepants: Ghouls Fools

DVD C SPO Spookley: the Square Pumpkin

DVD C STI Stick Man

DVD C STO Storks

DVD C STR The Stray

DVD C STU Stuart Little

DVD C STU Stuart Little 2

DVD C STU Stuart Little 3

DVD C SWA The Swap

DVD C TAD Tad the Lost Explorer

DVD C TAL The Tales of Despereaux

DVD C TEE Teen Beach Movie 

DVD C THO Thomas & Friends:  Best of Gordon

DVD C TOO Tooth Fairy 2

DVD C TOY Toy Story

DVD C TOY Toy Story 3

DVD C TOY Toy Story: Story of Terror

DVD C TOY Toy Story that Time Forgot

DVD C TRI Trick or Treat Tales

DVD C TRO Trolls

DVD C TRO Trolls Holiday

DVD C UND Underdog Kids


DVD C VEG Veggie Tales: King George and the Ducky

DVD C VER A Very Brave Witch

DVD C VER The Very Hungry Caterpillar & Other Stories

DVD C WHE When Good Ghouls go Bad

DVD C WHE Where on Earth is Carman Sandiego

DVD C WHE Where the Red Fern Grows

DVD C WHE Where the Wild Things Are

DVD C WIG The Wiggles: Rock and Roll Pre-School

DVD C WIL Wild Kratts: Shark-Tastic!

DVD C WIL Willy Wonka and the Chocolate Factory


DVD C WIN Winnie The Pooh: A Great Day of Discovery

DVD C WIT The Witches

DVD C WIZ The Wizard of Oz

DVD C WON Wonder

DVD C ZAP Zapped


DVD C ZOO Zootopia


Adult Fiction DVDs


 DVD ADV Adventureland

DVD AGE Age of Adeline

DVD ALI Alice in Wonderland (Johnny Depp)

DVD ALI Alien Covenant

DVD ALL Allegiant

DVD ALL Allied

DVD ALL All the Money in the World

DVD ALL All the Presidents Men


DVD AMA The Amazing Spider Man 2

DVD AME Amelia

DVD AME American Animals

DVD AME American Cousins

DVD AME American Hustle

DVD AME An American in Paris

DVD AME The American President

DVD AME An American Werewolf in London

DVD AMI The Amityville Horror

DVD ANA Analyze This 

DVD ANC Anchorman: The Legend of Ron Burgundy

DVD ANC Anchorman 2: The Legend Continues

DVD ANG Angels and Demons

DVD ANN Anna Karenina

DVD APP Apollo 13

DVD ARB Arbitrage

DVD ARR Arrival

DVD ASA As Above so Below

DVD ATO Atomic Blond

DVD AUS Australia

DVD AVE Marvels:  The Avengers

DVD AVE Avengers: Age of Ultron

DVD AWA Away & Back (Hallmark)

DVD BAB Baby Driver 

DVD BAC Back to the Future

DVD BAD Bad Moms

DVD BAT Batman Begins

DVD BAT Batman v Superman

DVD BAT Battle of the Sexes

DVD BAY Baywatch

DVD BEA Beasts of the Southern Wild

DVD BEA Beatriz at Dinner

DVD BEA A Beautiful Mind

DVD BEE Bee Season

DVD BEG The Beguiled

DVD BEH Behind the Candelabra

DVD BEL Bells of St. Marys

DVD BEL The Belko Experiment

DVD BES The Best Exotic Marigold Motel

DVD BEY Beyond Christmas

DVD BIG Big Eyes

DVD BIG The Big White

DVD BIL Billy Elliot

DVD BIR Birdman

DVD BIR The Birds

DVD BLA The Black Dahlia

DVD BLA Black Panther

DVD BLA Blame It on Fidel!

DVD BLA Blazing Saddles

DVD BLU The Blue and the Gray

DVD BLU The Blues Brothers

DVD BOS The Boss

DVD BOU The Bourne Identity

DVD BOY Boyhood

DVD BRA Braveheart

DVD BRA Brawl in Cell Block 99

DVD BRE Breakfast at Tiffany's

DVD BRI Bridge of Spies

DVD BRI A Bridge Too Far

DVD BRO Brokeback Mountain

DVD BRO Brooklyn

DVD BUC The Bucket List

DVD BUL Bull Durham

DVD CAB Cabin in the Woods

DVD CAD Caddyshack

DVD CAP Capote

DVD CAP Captain America

DVD CAP Captain America: Civil War

DVD CAP Captain Phillips

DVD CAR Carolina Moon

DVD CAR Carrie, You will know her Name

DVD CAS Casablanca

DVD CAS Casino Royale ( Daniel Craig)

DVD CAS Casino Royale ( Peter Sellers, Ursula Andress)

DVD CAT Catch Me If You Can

DVD CHA Chappaquiddick

DVD CHA Charlie's Angels

DVD CHA Charlie Wilson's War

DVD CHE Cheaper by the Dozen


DVD CHI The Chinese Cat (Charlie Chan)

DVD CHI Chicago

DVD CHR The Christmas Card

DVD CHR A Christmas Carol

DVD CHR A Christmas Carol (Disney with Jim Carrey)

DVD CHR The Christmas Shepherd

DVD CHR The Christmas Shoes

DVD CIR The Circle


DVD COC Cocaine Godmother

DVD COL College Swing and the Big Broadcast

DVD COM The Comedian

DVD CON The Confession

DVD COU Courageous


DVD CRO Crooked House

DVD CRU The Crucible

DVD CUT Cutthroat Island

DVD DAL Dallas Buyers Club

DVD DAN The Dancer Upstairs

DVD DAN Danny Collins

DVD DAR Darkest Hour

DVD DAR Dark Horse

DVD DAR Darkness

DVD DAR The Dark Tower

DVD DAS Dashing Through the Snow (Debbie Macomber)

DVD DAV The DaVinci Code

DVD DAW Dawn of the Dead

DVD DAY The Day After Tomorrow

DVD The Day of the Triffids

DVD DEA Dead Again

DVD DEA Deadpool

DVD DEA Death Becomes Her

DVD DEA The Death of Stalin

DVD DEA Death Wish

DVD DEP The Departed

DVD DES Descendants

DVD DES The Desperate Trail

DVD DEV Devil's Knot

DVD DIA The Diary of a Teenage Girl

DVD DIE Die Another Day

DVD DIE Die Hard with a Vengeance

DVD DIG Diggers


DVD DIR Dirty Dancing

DVD DIS The Disaster Artist

DVD DIV Divergent

DVD DJA Django Unchained

DVD DOC Doctor Strange

DVD DON Don't Look Now

DVD DOR Doris Day Collection

DVD DOU Double Jeopardy


DVD DOW Downton Abbey (Season 1 and 2)

DVD DOW Downton Abbey (Season 3)

DVD DOW Downton Abbey ( Season 4)

DVD DRU Drums Along the Mohawk


DVD DUP Duplicity

DVD EAT Eat, Pray, Love


DVD EIG 88 Minutes


DVD ELI Elizabeth

DVD ELV Elivis & Nixon

DVD END The End of the Tour

DVD END Ender's Game


DVD ENE Enemy at the Gates

DVD ENG The English Patient

DVD ENI Enigma

DVD ENO Enough Said

DVD EVA Evan Almighty

DVD EVE Everything Must Go

DVD EXM Ex Machina

DVD EXO The Exorcist

DVD EYE Eye in the Sky

DVD FAI Faith of My Fathers (The True Story of John McCain)

DVD FAL Falling Down

DVD FAL Falling In Love

DVD FAN Fantastic Beasts and Where to Find Them

DVD FAS Fast & Furious 6

DVD FEN Fences

DVD FER Ferris Bueller's Day Off

DVD FIF 50 First Dates

DVD FIE Field of Dreams

DVD FIF The Fifteen Streets

DVD FIN Find Me Guilty

DVD FIN Finder's Fee

DVD FIV The Five Year Engagement

DVD FLI Flight

DVD FLO Florence Foster Jenkins

DVD FOO Footloose (Kevin Bacon version)

DVD FOR Forbidden Planet

DVD FOR Forrest Gump

DVD FOR The 40 Year Old Virgin

DVD FOU The Founder

DVD FOU Four Feathers

DVD FOU Four Christmases

DVD FOU Four Weddings and a Funeral

DVD FOX Foxcatcher

DVD FRA Frankenstein

DVD FRA Frankenstein the Man Who Made a Monster


DVD FRI Friends with Benefits

DVD FRO From Russia with Love

DVD FRO Frost Nixon

DVD GAM The Gambler

DVD GAN Gandhi

DVD GAN Gangster Squad

DVD GAT The Gathering Storm

DVD GEN The General's Daughter

DVD GEN Genius



DVD GET Get Shorty

DVD GET Get Smart

DVD GET Gett: The Trial of Vivian Ansalem

DVD GET Gettysburg

DVD GHO Ghostbusters: Answer the Call

DVD GHO Ghost in the Shell

DVD GHO Ghosts of Girlfriends Past

DVD GIF The Gift

DVD GIR The Girl on the Train

DVD GIR The Girl with the Dragon Tattoo

DVD GIR Girl with A Pearl Earring

DVD GIR The Girl Who Kicked the Hornet's Nest

DVD GIR The Girl who Played with Fire

DVD GOD The Godfather

DVD GOD Gods and Generals

DVD GOD Godzilla

DVD GOL Goldfinger

DVD GON Gone Girl

DVD GON Gone With the Wind

DVD GOO The Good Girl

DVD GRA The Graduate

DVD GRA Gramma

DVD GRA The Grand Budapest Hotel

DVD GRA The Grapes of Wrath

DVD GRA Grave Encounters

DVD GRA Gravity

DVD GRE Grease

DVD GRE The Greatest Showman

DVD GRE The Great Gatsby (Carey Mulligan, Leonardo Dicaprio)

VD GRE The Great Wall

DVD GRE Green Room

DVD GRE Gremlins

DVD GRI Griffin and Phoenix

DVD GRU The Grudge

DVD GUA Guardians of the Galaxy

DVD HAC Hacksaw Ridge

DVD HAI Hail Caesar!

DVD HAL Halloween

DVD HAL Halloween 2

DVD HAR A Hard Day's Night

DVD HAT Hatfields & McCoys

DVD HAU The Haunting


DVD HEA The Heat

DVD HEA Heaven Is For Real

DVD HEA Heavy Trip


DVD HEL Hello, my Name is Doris


DVD HER Hereafter

DVD HER Heredity

DVD HID Hidden Figures

DVD HOB The Hobbit: The Battle of the Five Armies

DVD HOB The Hobbit: The Desolation of Smaug

DVD HOB The Hobbit:  An Unexpected Journey

DVD HOL Holiday Inn

DVD HOL A Hologram for the King

DVD HOM Homeless to Harvard

DVD HOT Hotel Rwanda

DVD HOU House of Sand and Fog

DVD HOU The House of the Spirits

DVD HUN The Hunger Games

DVD HUN The Hunger Games: Catching Fire

DVD HUN The Hunger Games: Mockingjay Part 1

DVD HUN The Hunger Games: Mockingjay Part 2

DVD HUN Hunt for the Wilderpeople

DVD HYD Hyde Park on Hudson

DVD IAM I Am Legend



DVD IDE Identity Thief

DVD IFE I Feel Pretty

DVD IFR I, Frankenstein

DVD IMP The Impossible

DVD INC Inception

DVD INC The Incredible Burt Wonderstone

DVD IND Indian Summer

DVD IND Indiana Jones and the Last Crusade

DVD IND Indiana Jones and the Raiders of the Lost Ark

DVD IND Indiana Jones and the Temple of Doom

DVD INS Insurgent

DVD INT The Intern

DVD INT Into the Woods

DVD INV Invasion of the Body Snatcher

DVD IRO Iron Man 2

DVD IRO Iron Man 3

DVD IRR The Irrisistible Blueberry Farm

DVD ISL Isle of Dogs

DVD ITA The Italian Job

DVD ITH I Think We're Alone Now

DVD I,TO  I, Tonya

DVD ITS It's a Wonderful Life

DVD JAC Jackie

DVD JAN Jane Eyre (1997)


DVD JEF Jeff Dunham: Arguing with Myself

DVD JIN Jingle All the Way



DVD JOY The Joy Luck Club

DVD JUL Julie & Julia

DVD JUN Jungle

DVD JUR Jurassic Park

DVD JUR Jurassic World

DVD JUR Jurassic World: Fallen Kingdom

DVD KEE Keeping Mum

DVD KEN The Kennedys

DVD KID Kidnapping Mr. Heineken

DVD KIL Killing Them Softly

DVD KIN King Kong (newer version)

DVD KIN Kingsman

DVD KIT The Kite Runner

DVD KRA Kramer Vs. Kramer

DVD LAD Lady Bird

DVD LAD The Lady in the Van

DVD LA La La Land

DVD LAS The Last Song

DVD LAS Last Vegas

DVD LAS The Last Word

DVD LAT Late Quartet

DVD LAW Laws of Attraction


DVD LEA Leap Year

DVD LEA Leatherheads

DVD LEA Leave No Trace

DVD LEF Left Behind

DVD LEG Legend

DVD LES Les Miserables


DVD LIF Life of Pi

DVD LIL Lilian's Story

DVD LIL Lillies of the Field

DVD LIN Lincoln

DVD LIN The Lincoln Lawyer


DVD LIT Little Fish

DVD LIT Little Miss Sunshine

DVD LIT Little Pink House

DVD LIT The Little Stranger

DVD LOB The Lobster

DVD LON Lone Ranger Collection

DVD LON Lone Survivor

DVD LON The Longest Day

DVD LOR Lord of the Flies

DVD LOR The Lord of the Rings: Fellowship of the Ring

DVD LOR The Lord of the Rings: Return of the King

DVD LOR The Lord of the Rings: The Two Towers

DVD LOR Lord of War

DVD LOS Lost in Space

DVD LOV Love Actually

DVD Love After Love

DVD LOV Love & Mercy

DVD LOV Love Comes Softly

DVD LOV Love In a Cold Climate

DVD LUC The Lucky One

DVD LUN The Lunchbox

DVD LUT Luther

DVD MAD Madame

DVD MAG Magic Stocking

DVD MAG The Magnificent Seven

DVD MAM Mamma Mia! Here we go again

DVD MAN A Man called Ove

DVD MAN Manchester by the Sea

DVD MAN Manchurian Candidate

DVD MAN The Man from U.N.C.L.E.

DVD MAN Manson Family Vacation

DVD MAR The Mark of Zorro

DVD MAR Marly & Me

DVD MAR Marooned

DVD MAR Marrow Bone

DVD MAR Martian

DVD MAS The Mask

DVD MAS Mask of Zorro

DVD MAS Masquerade

DVD MAT The Matador

DVD MAU Maudie

DVD MAZ The Maze Runner

DVD MEA Mean Girls

DVD MEE Charlie Chan's Meeting at Midnight

DVD MEE Meet Me in St. Louis

DVD MEE Meet the Parents

DVD MEL Mel Brooks' History of the World Part 1

DVD MER The Merchant of Venice

DVD MER A Merry Friggin Christmas

DVD MID Midnight in Paris

DVD MIL The Mill on the Floss

DVD MIL Million Dollar Baby

DVD MIR Miracle on 34th Street

DVD MIR The Miracle Worker

DVD MIS The Missing

DVD MIS Mission Impossible

DVD MIS Mission Impossible III

DVD MIS Mission Impossible: Fallout

DVD MIS Mission Impossible: Rogue Nation

DVD MIS Miss Peregrine's Home for Peculiar Children

DVD MIS Miss Potter

DVD MOB Moby Dick


DVD MON Moneyball

DVD MON Money Monster

DVD MON The Monuments Men

DVD MON Monster's Ball

DVD MOS The Most Wonderful Time of the Year

DVD MOU Moulin Rouge

DVD MRA Mr. & Mrs. Smith

DVD MRW Mr. Wonderful

DVD MUR Murder in the First

DVD MUR Murder on the Orient Express (Agatha Christie)

DVD MUR Murderous Intent

DVD MUS The Music Man

DVD MUS Must Love Dogs

DVD MYB My Big, Fat, Greek Wedding

DVD MYF My Fair Lady

DVD MYF My Favorite Brunette

DVD MYF My Favorite Wife

DVD MYF My Friend Dahmer

DVD MYS My Sister's Keeper

DVD MYS Mystic Pizza

DVD MYS Mystic River

DVD MYW My Week with Marilyn

DVD NAT Darwin's Darkest Hour

DVD NAT National Lampoon's Christmas Vacation

DVD NAT National Lampoon's Eruopean Vacation

DVD NAT National Treasure

DVD NAT National Treasure 2

DVD NAT The Natural

DVD NEB Nebraska

DVD NEV Never say Never Again 

DVD NEW  New in Town

DVD NEW The New World

DVD NEX Next of Kin

DVD NIC Nicholas and Alexandra

DVD NIG Night at the Museum

DVD NIG Night at the Museum:  Secret of the Tomb

DVD Nightcrawler

DVD NIG Nights in Rodanthe

DVD NIG A Night to Remember

DVD NOC Nocturnal Animals

DVD NON Non-Stop

DVD NOT Notes on a Scandal

DVD NOW Now You See Me

DVD OBS Obsessed

DVD OCE Ocean's Eleven

DVD OGR The Ogre

DVD OLY Olympus has Fallen

DVD ONC On Chesil Beach

DVD ONE One for the Money

DVD ONG On Golden Pond

DVD OPE Open Range

DVD OPE Open Water

DVD ORD Ordinary People

DVD ORI Oigins of the Mafia

DVD OSC Oscar and Lucinda

DVD OTH The Other Boleyn Girl

DVD OTH The Others

DVD OTH The Other Woman

DVD OUR Our Mutual Friend

DVD OZT Oz The Great and Powerful

DVD PAN Panic Room

DVD PAP Papillon

DVD PAR Parental Guidance

DVD Parkland

DVD PAS Passage to India

DVD PAS Passengers

DVD PAS The Passion of the Christ

DVD PAT The Patriot

DVD PAT Patriot Games

DVD PAY Pay It Forward

DVD PAY Paycheck

DVD PER A Perfect Murder

DVD PER Perfect World

DVD PER Perks of Being a Wallflower

DVD PHA Phantom of the Opera

DVD PHI Philomena

DVD PIA The Piano

DVD PIN Pink Panther

DVD PIR Pirates of the Caribbean: The Curse of the Black Pearl

DVD PIR Pirates of the Caribbean: Dead Man's Chest

DVD PIT Pitch Perfect

DVD PIT Pitch Perfect 2

DVD PLA Planes, Trains and Automobiles

DVD PLA Planet of the Apes

DVD PLA Planet of the Apes: Dawn of the Planet of the Apes

DVD PLE Please Stand By

DVD POL Pollock

DVD POL Poltergeist

DVD POS The Post

DVD POS Postcards from the Edge

DVD POW Power Rangers

DVD PRE Pretty Woman


DVD PRI Pride and Prejudice (BBC)

DVD PRI Pride and Prejudice

DVD PRI Pride and Prejudice and Zombies

DVD PRI Pride of the Yankees

DVD PRO The Producers

DVD PRO Promised Land

DVD PRO The Proposal

DVD PSI P.S. I Love You

DVD PUR Purple Rain

DVD PYT Python

DVD QUA Quartet

DVD QUI The Quick and the Dead

DVD QUI The Quiet American

DVD QUI A Quiet Place

DVD RAB Rabbit Hole

DVD RAB Rabbit-Proof Fence

DVD RAG The Rag Nymph

DVD RAI Raining Stones

DVD RAR The Rare Breed

DVD REB Rebel Without a Cause

DVD REC The Recruit


DVD RED Red Sparrow

DVD RED The Red Tails

DVD RED Red River

DVD REM Remember Me, My Love

DVD RET Return to Me

DVD RIC Ricki and the Flash

DVD RID The Rider

DVD RIN The Ring

DVD RIP R.I.P.D. Rest in Peace Department

DVD RIP Ripley's Game

DVD ROA Road to Bali

DVD ROA Road to Perdition

DVD ROM Romancing the Stone

DVD ROO A Room with a View

DVD ROS Rosemary's Baby

DVD ROY Royal Wedding Collection

DVD RUM Rumor Has It

DVD SAB Sabrina with Audrey Hepburn

DVD SAB Sabrina with Harrison Ford

DVD SAF Safe House

DVD SAF Safety Not Guarenteed

DVD SAH Sahara

DVD SAL Salmon Fishing in the Yemen

DVD SAP The Sapphires

DVD SAV Saving Mr. Banks

DVD SAV Saving Private Ryan

DVD SAY Say Anything

DVD SCA The Scarlet Letter

DVD SCA The Scarlet Pimpernel

DVD SCA The Scarlet Pimpernel: Mademoiselle Guillotine

DVD SCA The Scarlet Pimpernel: The Kidnapped King

DVD SCH Schindler's List

DVD SCO The Score

DVD SCO The Scorpion King

DVD SCR Scream

DVD SCR Scrooge

DVD SCR Scrooged

DVD SEA Seabiscuit

DVD SEC The Secret Life of Bees

DVD SEC The Secret Life of Walter Mitty

DVD SEC The Secretariat


DVD SHA The Shack

DVD SHA Shadow of the Vampire

DVD SHA The Shallows

DVD SHA The Shape of Water

DVD SHA The Shawshank Redemption

DVD SHI The Shining

DVD SHI Shining Through

DVD SHI Shipping News

DVD SHU Shutter Island

DVD SIC Sicario

DVD SID Side Effects

DVD SIL Silver Linings Playbook

DVD SIN Singing in the Rain

DVD SIN Sinister

DVD SIX Sixteen Candles

DVD SIX The Sixth Sense

DVD SKE The Skeleton Twins

DVD SKY Skyfall 007

DVD SKY Skysraper

DVD SNL Saturday Night Live: The Best of Will Ferrell

DVD SNO Snow Cake

DVD SON Song of Bernadette

DVD SON Son of Saul

DVD SOU The Sound of Music

DVD SPE Spectre  (007)

DVD SPI Spiderman


DVD SPO Spotlight

DVD STA Star Trek

DVD STA Star Trek : Beyond

DVD STA Star Trek into Darkness

DVD STA Star wars I: The Phantom Menace

DVD STA Star Wars II: Attack of the Clones

DVD STA Star Wars III: Revenge of the Sith

DVD STA Star Wars IV: A New Hope, V The Empire Strikes Back,  VI Return of the Jedi (Blu-Ray and DVD)

DVD STA Star Wars IV: A New Hope

DVD STA Star Wars V: The Empire Strikes Back

DVD STA Star Wars VI: Return of the Jedi

DVD STA Star Wars: Rogue One

DVD STE Steve Jobs

DVD STI Stir of Echoes

DVD STR The Stranger

DVD STR Stronger

DVD St. Vincent

DVD SUB Suburbicon

DVD SUD Sudden Impact

DVD SUF Suffragette

DVD SUN Sunshine Cleaning

DVD SWA The Swarm

DVD SWE Sweeney Todd


DVD TAL Talk of Angels

DVD TAN Tangerines

DVD TAS The Taste of Tea

DVD TEA Tears of the Sun

DVD TEN 10 Cloverfield Lane

VD THE The Theory of Everything

DVD THI The Thin Red Line

DVD THO A Thousand Women Like Me

DVD THR Three billboards outside Ebbing Missouri

DVD THR The Three Stooges (2012 movie)

DVD THR The Three Stooges Vol. 2

DVD TIG The Tiger and the Snow

DVD TIM The Time Traveler's Wife

DVD TIN Tinker Tailor Soldier Spy

DVD TOK To Kill a Mockingbird

DVD TOO Tooth Fairy

DVD TOP Topper and Topper Returns

DVD TRA Tragedy Girls

DVD TRA Trading Places

DVD TRA Trainwreck

DVD TRE Tremors (all four movies)

DVD TWE 22 Jump Street

DVD TWE Twenty Thousand Leagues Under the Sea

DVD TWI Twilight

DVD TWI Twilight Saga: New Moon

DVD TWI Twilight Saga: Eclipse

DVD TWI Twilight Saga: Breaking Dawn Part 1

DVD TWI Twilight Saga: Breaking Dawn Part 2

DVD UNB Unbroken

DVD UND Under Suspicion

DVD UND Under the Tuscan Sun

DVD UNI Uninvited

DVD UNL Unlocked


DVD UNT The Untouchables

DVD VAC Vacation

DVD VAL Valentine's Day

DVD VAN Van Helsing

DVD VAT Vatican Tapes

DVD VEG Vegas Vacation

DVD VER A Very Country Christmas

DVD VIC Victoria and Abdul

DVD VIL The Village

DVD VIS The Visit


DVD WAL Walk the Line

DVD WAK Waking Ned Devine

DVD WAL Wallis & Edward

DVD WAR War for the Planet of the Apes

DVD WAR War Horse

DVD WAR Wargames

DVD WAR Warm Bodies

DVD WAR Warm Springs

DVD WAR War of the Worlds ( older version)

DVD WAT Water for Elephants

DVD WEB We Bought a Zoo

DVD WED The Wedding Date

DVD WEE Weekend at Bernie's

DVD WEI The Weight of Water

DVD WES West Side Story

DVD WEW We Were Soldiers

DVD WHA What We Do in the Shadows

DVD WHE When Harry Met Sally

DVD WHE When a Man Loves a Woman

DVD WHE Where Eskimos Live

DVD WHI White Christmas

DVD Willard


DVD WIL Wilding

DVD WIN Winchester

DVD WIN Wingless Bird (Catherine Cookson)

DVD WIT  The Witches of Eastwick

DVD WIZ Wizard of Lies

DVD The Wolverine

DVD WOM The Woman in Black

DVD WOM Woman in Gold

DVD WOR The World According to Garp

DVD WOO The Woodlanders

DVD WON Won't You be My Neighbor

DVD WOR World War Z

DVD WRE The Wrestler

DVD XME X-Men: Days of Future Past

DVD YOU Young Frankenstein

DVD YOU Young Victoria

DVD YOU 007 You Only Live Twice

DVD YOU Youth Without Youth

DVD YOU You've Got Mail

DVD ZER Zero Dark Thirty


Adult Documentaries

DVD 211 HIS A History of God

DVD 221.9 ANC Ancient Evidence: Old Testament

DVD 225.92 ANC Ancient Evidence: Apostles

DVD 225.92 TWE The Story of the Twelve Apostles

DVD 232.9 ANC Ancient Evidence: Jesus

DVD 289.73 AMI The Amish

DVD 297 ISL Islam Empire of Faith

DVD 304.2 HUM Human Planet

DVD 306.766 GOD God Loves Uganda

DVD 325.73 ELL Ellis Island

DVD 332 MUM Mummies and the Wonders of Ancient Egypt

DVD 338.19 FOO Food, Inc.

DVD 338.54 INS Inside Job

DVD 342.73 KEY Key Constitutional Concepts: The Judicial Branch

DVD 355 WAR War and Civilization

DVD 371.782 BUL Bully

DVD 379.28 REV The Revisonaries

DVD 391 FAS Fashion in Film

DVD 394.2646 HAU The Haunted History of Halloween

DVD 394.2663 CHR Christmas Unwrapped

DVD 508 EAR Earth's Natural Wonders

DVD 508 Planet Earth (Discovery Channel)

DVD 523.2 JOU Journey to the Edge of the Universe

DVD 559.52 KIN Kingdom of the Blue Whale

DVD 567.9 DIN Dinosaur Planet

DVD 567.91 SKY Sky Monsters

DVD 582.16 TRE Tree

DVD 590 BOR Born to be Wild

DVD 591.51 UNL Unlikely Animal Friends

DVD 591.51 WHA What are Animals Thinking?

DVD 591.77 IMA Imax: Deep Sea

DVD 591.77 ISL Island of the Sharks

DVD 597.3 SHA Shark Week

DVD 597.33 JAW Jaws of the Pacific

DVD 597.98 SUP Super Croc

DVD 598.441 MAR March of the Penguins

DVD 599.75 BLO Blood Lions Bred for the Bullet

DVD 599.885 DIS Disneynature: Chimpanzee

DVD 612 INS Inside the Living Body

DVD 613.21 FED Fed Up

DVD 613.70 YOG Yoga Fitness

DVD 613.71 AGE Ageless with Kathy Smith :Total Body Turnaround

DVD 613.71 CAR Cardio for Beginners

DVD 613.71 CAR Cardio Salsa

DVD 613.71 THI Thirty Day Shred

DVD 61371 ULT Ultimate Fat Burner

DVD 613.71 AGE Ageless with Kathy Smith: Total Body Turnaround

DVD 614.47 VAC Vaccines: Calling the Shots

DVD 616.8527 DEP Depression: Out of the Shadows

DVD 620.1 NAT NatureTech (Smithsonian)

DVD 629.22 BEE Beecher Cruise Night 2012

DVD 636.5 TRO The Trouble with Chicken

DVD 720.973 TEN Ten Buildings that Changed America

DVD 759 EVE Every Picture Tells a Story

DVD 781.66 KUR Kurt Cobain: Montage of Heck

DVD 787.87 LEA Learning the Guitar for Dummies

DVD 791.43 WAL Walt Disney: Treasures

DVD 791.45 HOW How Clean is your House?

DVD 910.4 GLO Globe Trekker: Best Treks

DVD 910.45 MOB Moby Dick: The True Story

DVD 910.45 SHA Shackleton's Antarctic Adventure

DVD 914 TRA Travel the World by Train: Europe 3

DVD 914 TRA Travel the World by Train: Europe 2

DVD 914.494 GLO Globe Trekker: Corisica, Sicily & Sardinia

DVD 915.115 GLO Globe Trekker: Beijing

DVD 915.604 TRA Travel the World by Train: Near & Middle East

DVD 917 TRA Travel the World by Train: North America

DVD 917.1 CAN Canada

DVD 917.28 TRA Travel the World by Train: Central America

DVD 917.291 CUB Cuba and Haiti

DVD 917.4 AME America by Rail

DVD 917.8752 SEC Secret Yellowstone

DVD 917.98 EXT Extreme Alaska Denal National Park

DVD 918 TRA Travel the World by Train: South America

DVD 918.2 ARG Argentina

DVD 919.6904 HID Hidden Hawaii

DVD 920 ROB Robin Williams Remembered

DVD 921 BIL Billy the Kid

DVD 930 MET Metropolis

DVD 932.014 NEF Nefertiti Resurrected

DVD 936.4 CEL The Celts

DVD 937 JOU Journey to Pompeii

DVD 938.03 LAS Last Stand of the 300 (The Legendary Battle at Thermopylae)

DVD 940.4514 LAS Last Voyage of the Lusitania

DVD 940.53 WAR The War (Ken Burns)

DVD 940.531 INT Into the Arms of Strangers

DVD 941 HIS A History of Britain

DVD 941.085 DIA Diana 7 Days

DVD 942.04 WAR The War of the Roses

DVD 947 RUS Russia Land of the Tsars

DVD 951.156 CHI China & the Forbidden City

DVD 959.704 VIE The Vietnam War Vol. 1

DVD 959.704 VIE The Vietnam War Vol. 2

DVD 959.7043 RET Return with Honor

DVD 970.01 AME Americas's Stone Age Explorers

DVD 972.87 AMA A Man , a Plan, a Canal, Panama

DVD 973 AME America, Imagine the World without Her 

DVD 973 AME America the story of Us

DVD 973.7 ABR Abraham Lincoln: Preserving the Union

DVD 9973.7 ABR Abraham Lincoln: Attorney at Law

DVD 973.7 ABR Abraham and Mary Lincoln: A House Divide

DVD 973.7 CIV The Civil War (Ken Burns)

DVD 973.7 HOR Horses of Gettysburg

DVD 973.91 ROO The Roosevelts (An Intimate History)

DVD 973.916 RID Riding the Rails

DVD 973.932 MOM Moment in History: The Inauguration of Barak Obama

DVD 975.939 EVE Everglades

DVD 977.29 EVE Everglades of the North: The Story of the Grand Kankakee Marsh

DVD 978.03 DUS The Dust Bowl