Study Room Policy

The Beecher Community Library provides study rooms to serve the needs of the Library and the Beecher community. Use of the study rooms is governed by the policy established by the Library Board of Trustees and any applicable rules or regulations adopted by the Library.  The Board of Trustees may modify, amend or supplement this policy, as it deems necessary and appropriate.

Study rooms are available for two hour intervals at no charge for cardholders and guests.  Study rooms may be reserved up to a month in advance.  An additional two hours may be accommodated if no one is waiting. Those individuals or groups who have been allotted additional time in study rooms beyond the two hour limit will be asked to vacate if all study rooms are filled and a new party wishes to utilize a room.

Because of the general demand for use of the study rooms, reservations for a maximum session of two hours may not exceed one per day. Groups may not obtain additional sessions by having different members of the group make a reservation for the same, substantially the same, or similar groups.

Individuals under the age of 12 must be accompanied by a person at least 18 years of age.

Each group study room has a capacity of four people. The person who books the session must remain in the room at all times. Should the person making the session need to leave the room for any reason, it is expected that they will return in no more than 10 minutes.

There is no guarantee of a silent atmosphere inside each study room due to their proximity to one another; however, users of each study room are asked to be respectful of other patrons in adjacent study rooms. 

Patrons wishing to use the study rooms should visit the circulation desk. Study rooms are available for use during Library open hours only. Rooms must be vacated 15 minutes before closing or at the end of the scheduled session, whichever comes first.

Signs and decorations may not be taped or stapled to walls, doors or glass windows.

No food or drink except for bottled water may be used in the study rooms.

Patrons are expected to vacate the study room promptly when asked by a staff member. 

Patrons may not charge fees, take collections, or require purchases by groups using the study rooms.  However, rooms may be used by private tutors. 

Failure to comply with Library policies, rules and regulations (including this policy) will be grounds for suspension of study room privileges for up to six months.

The Library is not responsible for possessions left in a study room or moved by staff to another location.

Any patron using the study room shall be held responsible for willful or accidental damage to the Library building, grounds, collections or furniture caused by the individual or group in accordance with the Library Behavior Policy.

Patrons who book a room understand that they take full responsibility for the actions of themselves and anyone in their group and will be held accountable for violations of this policy or the Library Behavior Policy.

Patrons and guests must sign a study room policy agreement and give their phone number and address.

Staff will set a timer to track the patron’s time and should inspect the study rooms when patrons have finished using them. 

Adopted June 2021